Ogilvy & Mather: Deck of Brilliance

Last November, an Ogilvy retiree, Juggi Ramakrishnan, delivered a MasterClass with full attendance that was his gift to us all before he left. It's called the "Deck of Brilliance", a website that Juggi and his friend Todd McCraken built together. You can think of "Life's 100 Tips", for creative professionals. The deck is a fun … Continue reading Ogilvy & Mather: Deck of Brilliance

Patagonia’s ‘FU’ to Donald Trump

Patagonia. I’m sure every millennial with a heartbeat and Internet connection has heard or seen this word somewhere in some way over the Thanksgiving season. As American holidays fast approach, the American outdoor clothing company Patagonia has brought in over $10 million to cap off this year’s Black Friday’s sales. And while most companies with … Continue reading Patagonia’s ‘FU’ to Donald Trump

40 Things I’ve Learned Living Abroad

Hello, world! For those who don’t know me personally yet, let me date this blog and myself! I’m 20 years young. My name is Demetri Savas. I’m American, I'm California born and raised, cheesecake is my religion, my favorite color is tiffany blue, and I’m a university student, young professional, photographer, traveller, blogger, and life … Continue reading 40 Things I’ve Learned Living Abroad